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The project of the new Raiffeisen Consulting Agency is part of the building called “Villafiorita”, a complex with commercial and residential contents. The spaces reserved for Raiffeisen are developed on three floors, respectively on the basement level (Level “-2” at an altitude of -6.51m), the main entrance level (Level “-1” at an altitude of -3.725m) and the floor of the offices and consulting rooms (Level “PT” at an altitude of -0.00m). The project of the future Raiffeisen consulting agency includes the adaptation of the existing project (modification of the facade, realisation of the connection between the floors). On the outside, a “podium” that designs the outdoor space and serves as seating for customers redesigns the area in front of the bank. The project concept was developed according to a global approach, taking into account aspects related to the bank’s operations, living, aesthetics and sustainability: welcoming customers in a prestigious space while ensuring discretion, thus a combination of openness and confidentiality. The idea is to create a new casket to house the bank’s components and infrastructures: on the ground floor this contains the 24-hour zone with the main access and its equipment, with the aim of making the agency clearly visible and marking the public connotation of the bank’s activity. On the upper floor the external perimeter cadences the space and opens up to the outside. While on the outside the perimeter is made of precast concrete, on the inside the walls, floors and ceilings are made of wood in order to make the space elegant, intimate and familiar. The main access to the bank for clients and employees is planned at -3.725m (Level -1). At the entrance, sheltered from the weather, there is an outdoor ATM, post office and 24-hour zone. The bank is conceived as an advisory bank without a teller service, i.e. the clients carry out their cash transactions at the ATMs themselves and the advisors can concentrate on their advisory activities. A reception desk with a workstation is located in the main lobby. In addition to the waiting area for customers, the atrium also includes a children’s play area and the possibility of installing multimedia equipment (e.g. music system, screens, etc.). In the event of a need for greater discretion, a first customer room is planned directly in contact with the atrium. On this level there is a disabled-friendly service. On the upper floor at a height of -6.51m (ground floor level) are the offices and main interview rooms which cannot be held at the counter or which require particular discretion or a relatively long time to process. Along the perimeter of the south-west façade will be inserted the workstations that enjoy the best natural lighting.