house c
mendrisio | switzerland | private | 2017-19

the project is spread over three floors:

- the ground floor is for sleeping,  in analogy with the hypogeal type of cellars in the area, is the intimate and introverted level of the dwelling where the bedrooms are located.
- the first floor is for living reflects the typology of the Mediterranean house, where the main entrance opens up to the dining room and the kitchen.
- the second floor is for dreaming, hosts a single open space designed by a folded roof that makes the volume plastic and
open on four sides to the surrounding nature.

The house is conceived as a massive reinforced concrete element rising from the mountain.
On each floor there are four blocks, which occupy the centre of each fa├žade and have architectural, structural and functional role.
The elements bend inwards, containing the infrastructure of the house
The structure is therefore the expression of the architectural body, conceived to promote a close dialogue between interior and exterior and between architecture and landscape.